The Blogger Hits Just Keep on Comin’!

This one from Heartcrossings, a blog about so many of the things we care about: motherhood, quality of life, altruism, and art. An excerpt:

Who Does She Think She Is ? by Pamela Tanner Boll is an eloquent and often heartbreaking testimony by five women artists on finding their true selves as creators of art while meeting (or failing to meet) societal expectations of women as mothers and wives. While a male artist is allowed (and indeed expected) to have his entire existence defined by his art, the standard is very different for a female. Unless she decides to eschew having a home and a family, she is required to be a wife and mother first and create her art in any spare cycles her other responsibilities leave her with. To do otherwise is usually met by censure from both her partner and the world outside.


6 Responses to “The Blogger Hits Just Keep on Comin’!”

  1. Love the new trailer!

  2. Thank you for telling ‘my’ story. I am happily reclaiming my artistic career after setting it aside for 30 years to ‘do what was right’. HA! What was really right is what I’m doing now. How happy I am that I found that out while I could still do something about it. No regrets. Onward and forward and teaching the next generation to seize the day.

  3. Federica Di Palma Says:

    Dear Pam and the rest of the Cast,

    It was a pleasure meeting you all at the screening of the movie in Cambridge, on Oct. 4th. A great movie that everyone (women and men) should see….inspiring……stimulating…….uplifting.

    I am a woman in science (a research manager and scientist), with two children and also a hobby so dear to my heart (the theater, when the time allows!)….many may say too much, I was once asked “are you one of those people that does not sleep at night?” .No, I do sleep! For now what makes it possible is a good husband and a good nanny…but is that enough against society’s prejudice ??
    Women in science share so many of the issues the movie tackles. “Who does she think she is” applies to so many of us in many different career paths……Can a woman balance family, matherhood and a career? My answer is always YES …if they just would let us!!!!!!….

    Instead society makes it so difficult that, in order to maintain a career and a sense of self, a woman often ends up having to juggle a lot more than family, kids and work, …………all of the other things that get in the way.
    Ironically when women succeed this only reinforces how capable and powerful they really really are………only the road in between is tough and the odds are always against!

    Routing to see this project take off and looking forward to next one!!!!!!

    All the best for now

  4. This is a great looking movie and project! LOVE it!

  5. I suppose you are getting lots of comments and I expect many women will identify with this film – I know that I certainly do and especially with your comments about society and even partners. I have been having a very “guilty” time recently trying to work through whether I am “allowed” to do art or not, or whether I have to wait until the children have left home – I don’t want to wait, I feel the urge to do it now. I hope your film is successful.


  6. You know what this reminds me of? How you never see male fashion designers take their children on the runway at the conclusion of their fashion shows, but you see it time & time again with the women designers – Kimora Simmons, at the recent Project Runway finale, I saw someone do it at Fashion Week but I can’t remember her name right now, etc. etc.

    You would never see that with a man and why is that?

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