Bloggers on WDSTSI

Check out this thorough and moving account by artist blogger Julian Ayrs of her viewing of WDSTSI? An excerpt:

Through my own experience as an artist, I have been galled by the fact that many dealers look upon a woman’s creative renderings as mere “arts and crafts”, “Sunday painting”, or not-to-be-taken seriously.

One fan of the documentary put it quite succinctly.

“Who Does She Think She Is? tells the story of ordinary women who pursue their calling – at a price – but for whom art has the power to transform their lives, and perhaps ours, into a deeper experience of living.”


2 Responses to “Bloggers on WDSTSI”

  1. Janet Newman Says:

    Stumbled upon “Who Does She Think She Is” purely by accident. Was so inspired, excited and moved after exploring the website, but have yet to get a response to my inquiry. I live in the LA area of southern california and am desperately trying to find a screening in my general area. I was awakened by this website and knowledge of this piece and fear that if I don’t get to experience it that part of me may disappear.

  2. sara textoris Says:

    I was so greatful that I got to the Who Does She Think She is? I have a friend that was in the film and cannot say how what an insperation the film is. I wish all young women could see this several times when they are growing up. Sra

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