The Colony Film Festival

On Saturday, Sept 21, “Who Does She Think She Is?” was featured at The Colony Film Festival in Marietta, OH, and ended up winning the festival!  Thanks to the festival and to all who came out, and a special shout out to Kathryn O’Sullivan, who is a Professor of Theater at Northern Virginia Community College.  She wrote a very lovely and moving response to seeing the film, which we’d like to share here:

My husband and I just returned to Virginia from speaking at the Colony Film Festival this weekend.  Much of our six hour drive home today was spent discussing your film Who Does She Think She Is?  We found your film passionate, honest, powerful, and beautifully structured.  Quite simply… bravo!

On a personal note… As I watched the stories unfold I was transported back to my childhood in the 60’s/70’s and my mother’s struggles against the male dominated art world and her challenges of finding time for graduate school, writing, and her beautiful art.  I marvel that she was able to finish a Ph.D., publish books, raise a family, and become one of the few female museum presidents in the country.  There were years when she put her art aside (few people – even in the museum world – know that my mother is a gifted artist) and the family was thrilled when she started painting again a decade or so ago.  So thank you for shining a bright light on the lives of the artists in the film for in doing so you shine a light on all those women who have shared their struggle.  (One woman in the audience was brought to tears at the end of your film.)

Kathryn, we’re thrilled the film tapped into a personal connection for you to your mother’s story, and also disconcerted at the fact that many things have not changed since the 60s/70s!  Role models like your mother are so vital for inspiration, and we have much to learn both from their courage and their struggles. Hopefully with each generation, women can feel more and more justified in standing up for their art and keeping it in the foreground of their lives without feeling like a failure in some other regard. But it takes more than individual will power…


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