Exciting Update from Pam

Our fall schedule for the film is REALLY heating up!  First, we will be premiering in New York city on October 17 at the Angelika Theater on Houston Street. This is a wonderful venue for the film and a tribute to our hardworking and visionary team: Sande Zeig and Vicky Wight of Artistic License who continue to work steadily and with great heart to promote and secure theatrical screenings for the film; Ray Forsythe, our publicist, Tony, who has come up with a lovely new poster design; Michelle Chang and Kerthy Fix who have been quietly and thoroughly producing the film along with Paula Kirk here in Boston—sending out DVDs to all and sundry, re-doing the web page  with our web diva Valerie Veatch, connecting the far flung web of film festivals, editors, trailer gurus, web gurus, publicity and marketing experts….in order to ensure that this film gets seen! Thank you to all of you.

In addition to the New York City premier, we will be showing the film at festivals all over the country–Baltimore, Portsmouth, Boston,  Marietta, Huntington, Honolulu etc. Please check out our website for specific dates/times/places. We’d love to see you there.

And speaking of screenings, I recently had a question about a statement I made about the audience reaction to our screening in Asheville, North Carolina back in July, and I wanted to officially clarify here. In that blog post, I stated that I noticed silent tears at “Maye’s losing her children.” Without giving away too much of the film, I just want to say that Maye Torres, one of our artists, does not actually “lose” her children. She does not see them for a period of time due to some difficulties she and their father experience. See the film for more.

We are also working with Courtney E. Martin, one of the women featured in the film—to connect with bloggers and press around the country so that people will know about these screenings. Help her efforts by telling your friends, telling your families, heck, telling strangers!  Hope to see you this fall.


2 Responses to “Exciting Update from Pam”

  1. Pam,

    I am thrilled there will be a showing at the Angelika. I will invite friends to attend with me. Also, I have posted Janis Wunderlich’s site and the film’s on my blog.

    Nancy Miller

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing this film! As a woman artist I am so often reminded of the fact that I should be ‘minding’ the family more……..and I know I can relate to the artists in this film! I will link to it’s site from my blog!

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