Empower Peace

I did a screening for 70 young women from around the world last evening. It was a group called Empower Peace and they do a workshop with girls ages 15-19 for ten days called Women2Women. The girls are from a range of countries, including  the Middle East—Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, former Russian states, etc.

Interestingly, they were MOST interested in the discussion on HOW do these women manage the two aspects of their lives–art and family. Several of the young women felt that, in fact, they HAD not achieved “balance” since their marriages ended in divorce; they were eager to learn how to avoid THAT….

What I told these women in the Q&A was that it was very complicated and messy to live a life of one’s own while being in a family—but that it had to be done. And, further, that in order for it to work, I had found, you have to be willing to fight with your mate—to fight about getting the time, space and the attention your work deserves. You have to be willing to work very hard to set up a network of friends and family to help with babysitting, with cooking—to live in fact more, “cooperatively.” The notion of each family living most of their lives in their individual houses, the notion of “privacy” does NOT work so well for women.

Check out these videos from Empower Peace’s PSA for peace contest:


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