And the Community Expands

Check out this inspiring note of encouragement that we received by email:

I have been an artist all my 61 years and have met some amazing women on my journey . I have come to believe that, as women, we are creating all the time but may not call it art……the meals we prepare to nurture our families, the homes we create as safe havens, the gardens we grow as beautiful environments. For some of us it is with brush and paint. What ever the means, we contribute to making this earth a more beautiful place. I am so very deilighted to see your film focus on these inspirational women and honor all they do as artists and mothers. Word needs to get out to other women who may feel alone in the dance we do to juggle the jobs of artist and parent. You are not alone! Thanks you for leading the way and shining a light on amazing women.


One Response to “And the Community Expands”

  1. as a woman who recently paid attention to her calling only to have the joy of art explode into her life, i am loving what you are doing. you are showing exposing the capacity of possibility. i love it!

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