Sculptor Michelle Sumares’ Shows Support

Check out the work of sculptor Michelle Sumares:

She also blogs!

Here’s a letter that she sent her friends after seeing Who Does She Think She Is?:

Dear Artist Friends,

I’m writing to tell you all about this exceptional documentary about
women artists, Who Does She Think She Is. The concept involves women
who live their lives as artists while raising children, however,
Pamela Boll, the director/producer, weaves ancient history, social
politics, imagery, commentary about women artists and the poignant
stories of these ethnically and artistically diverse women over time.
It’s about any woman who pursues her calling, works through her
history along with the obstacles she faces and the tending she must
do on her journey.

We, in Asheville, were one of the few lucky groups to see this film.
There was a lot of buzz among my artist friends about this film and
indeed Asheville was its largest showing. Pamela was there to
introduce the film and by chance, Layne Redmond, master frame
drummer, and Janis Wunderlich, an amazingly productive ceramic artist
with five children, were also in town teaching that week. Layne and a
group of women drummed around the theater in a ritual for bees, for
whom she is doing spiritual work to support (thank goddess!). It
transported and energized the audience. The film inspired laughter,
tears and a long standing ovation at the finale.

Terese and I spoke to Pamela Boll at the gathering after the film;
she was overwhelmed by the positive, unique response she was
receiving. She looked me in the eye and the strength of her need was
conveyed as she encouraged me to comment on her blog to help support
the work. I also spoke to Janis the next day and she related Pamela’s
discouragement given her attempts to get visibility and appropriate
financial support for the distribution of this film. Along with
wanting to give feedback and praise to Pamela and the women in this
film, I also want to help this documentary garner the attention it

I’m asking you to please comment on how you want the opportunity to
see this film—we take for granted that we can have access to any
film on Netflix, etc., but for a small, well-executed indie film
about women artists, I learned that it is particularly difficult.

Check out the website; it’s well worth the visit (you’ll need DSL):

And after doing so… is where you can leave a comment:

I know this isn’t about the 2008 election or saving polar
bears……but I believe that any time we can support ourselves as
women, we are nurturing positive, divine feminine energy toward
Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Thank you and Happy Creating (in) Your Life,
Michelle Sumares


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