Reaction to the Film from a Woman of the World

Check out this reactions from Patricia M. Haslach, a Career Minister of the Senior Foreign Service:

I loved the women artists–they were all so vibrant, beautiful and talented.  Each story was so compelling, like the Japanese-American artist who talked her mother out of suicide.  I remember trying to find American female artists for my “Arts in Embassies” exhibit at my home in Laos.  It was not easy, but I did find a few, including Susan Plum, a glass artist who studied under Chilouly.

I also found it interesting that many of the artists had one male in their lives encouraging them onward.  I think of my father, who passed away in February, who believed women could do anything they set out to do.  He was my inspiration.

I also thought it was interesting that while many of the husbands were initially supportive, they had difficulty in sustaining their support once the woman became successful and they were forced to play more of a parenting role.  The story of the actress was especially moving.  It was also amazing that you followed her story from the beginning, when she realizes she wants to perform, to the present when she is divorced and launching out on a new career.  It was also interesting how supportive the sons of many of the artists were.  The music and cinematography (New Mexico, Hawaii etc.) were fabulous and so was the art work.


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