‘Exquiste integration of the life, art and soul’

Check out this touching review from Saphira Linden, Artistic Director, Omega Theater:

WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS is a “must see,” an important film that deals with the complex struggle of women artists and particularly those who are balancing their roles as mother with their artistic work. I was very moved by the sincerity of each woman’s story and the wide spectrum of the womens’ backgrounds and art forms, demonstrating how universal the issues are that were raised. I laughed. I cried. I was totally engaged in the film. The directing and editing worked beautifully and kept my attention through out. The messages were clear and were supported by statistics and historical vignettes and yet it never became pedantic. The film was very compelling and juicy, filled with vitality and creative passion. The womens’ stories resonated with mine as I have worked hard at trying to balance my professional theater career with motherhood. I think this film should be seen by everyone, women and men, who believe that the time has come to shift the consciousness of the masses so that peoples’ work is judged by quality not gender, in every field and especially in the arts. As a Drama Therapist/Psychodramatist, I also feel that creative arts therapists of all kinds would be inspired by the transformational stories of these women, who stayed with their work through so many challenges. I believe the film would inspire them to keep working artistically, while they consciously direct their work toward using their art in the service of healing. The film is a beautifully crafted work of art that exquistely integrates the life, art and soul of several gifted artist– mothers, A cultural collective tapestry has been woven as a testimony to the indomitable spirit of these women and the artists who created the film.


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