We had a special screening of the film in Asheville, NC on July 10th and it was a fantastic event!

First, Paula Kirk, Cindy Lewis and I traveled to Asheville the day before the showing with the hopes of checking in with some of our people there. Unfortunately, our flights were delayed and we didn’t arrive til nearly five.

The next day, we set out to pass out post cards around town. We went to several arts studios and found that every one already KNEW about the screening! Good news.

We visited Janis Wunderlich at the Odyssey Pottery Studio where she was holding a master class on figurative clay for people from around the country. The group were well aware of the film and decided that the needed to purchase tickets ahead of time, given the buzz.

So, the big night arrives and a half an hour before the film, there was a line of people waiting to buy tickets! Layne Redmond was there with her Bee Priestesses, ready to do a drumming procession into the theater before the movie began. Much excitement, much happiness!

The film was nearly sold out! Many people commented that they’d not seen such a crowd at the Fine Arts Theater, for some time. The audience all seemed to know each other so it was a really nice social gathering.

I spoke briefly to say that Layne Redmond’s group of Priestesses would be drumming briefly before the film began. I also announced that we would hold a reception after the film at the Blue Spiral Gallery next door.

People LOVED the Drumming–it was such a good beginning to the film then, the film…. I sat in the back–kept having to move as there were so few seats available….

The film began and immediately, there was a hush. But, the audience didn’t stay quiet–they laughed as the first Edie Vonnegut painting came on screen, they exclaimed at the beauty of the New Mexico landscape and the power of Maye’s images; they cheered!! As Angela Williams sang from on stage as the lead in Aida. Though, I could not hear it, many many people told me after that they cried throughout the film…silent tears for the pain of Maye’s losing her children, at the breakup of Angela’s marriage…at the beauty of Janis’s work. I did hear the laughter–at Edie and Barbara Poole’s great paintings; at the archival footage from the films; at the ‘eye rolling about “goddess’s” from Courtney Martin and much more….

At the end of the film, the entire audience stood and clapped and cheered! And they did not stop! What a great, great experience. Wish you all could have been there.

The reception was absolutely wonderful!!! Packed, happy and all ages. I spoke to 80 year old women who were painters, writers, or “just people” (their words, not mine), several young women just graduating from High School (they loved the film–felt it gave them a model for a different kind of achievement); many men who came with their wives or girlfriends but who felt the film spoke just as powerfully to them and their own struggle to live their dreams while supporting their families…

I had so many people come up to me during the Reception and simply thank me. They couldn’t say enough about how much this film meant to them, that it spoke to them and to their own lives, how much it moved and heartened them….I am deeply grateful to each of those wonderful people and HOPE that they will email us and/or post comments on this blog so that we can keep in touch and also respond directly to their suggestions for places to show the film and people to connect to about publicizing it….

So many people shared with us suggestions for showing the film–in durham, at Tufts, at The Berkeley School of Music, through the connections to women’s groups throughout the Southeast…if anyone has ideas like these, we love to hear them!

Thanks to The Fine Arts Theater, to the Blue Spiral Gallery, to, to Janine James, to Layne Redmond and the Yoga Studio, to Janis Wunderlich and her workshop at the Odyssey Studio, to Brian McCarthy of the Odyssey Studios and to so many more people who made this screening
such a success!!

-Pamela Boll


11 Responses to “THANK YOU, ASHEVILLE!”

  1. I am so happy that I was able to document this event. I have so many photos of HAPPY people at the reception that followed the film. The energy was very high among everyone. It was great sitting in the back during the film. I could witness the response to Pam’s film and it was so joyful, sad, understanding, and again joyful. Thanks Pam for bringing me along on your great journey, it’s been a great ride.

    Love, Cindy ( Pam’s sister and Photographer)

  2. This was my first experience watching the film with a very large audience, and it was such a pleasure! The pre-movie drumming set the mood, those magical whistles that sounded like crickets in a summer field and the melodious drum rhythms were just beautiful. And then the movie began, and immediately we all got sucked into the stories so intricately woven together.
    I noticed plenty of laughter during the story sequences of my life, and I knew it was the laughter of many, many mothers or sisters who have “been there” with their own family situations.
    Along with the laughter, the audience often responded to the stories with cheers, sobbing, sighs… someone a couple of rows behind me was audibly sobbing through most of the movie… many seemed to deeply connect on many levels with the film.
    The positive energy was so thick in the theater by the end of the movie, and the audience applauded for a very long time.
    The whole experience was just overwhelming for me, and many others I suspect. Thank you Asheville, for your support of the film. You have a phenomenal arts network!
    And thank you for a generous standing ovation. I was so thrilled to return home and report to my family that the film was so well received! Of course my kids all wanted to know, “Did they laugh during MY part? Did they like it when I did this or that?!” Wish they could’ve been with us to partake of Asheville’s amazing power!!! My whole week there was just wonderful (special thanks to a dedicated group of artists in my workshop), and this film screening just put us over the top!
    Pam, this film speaks so strongly; you have given us all such a gift!

  3. There’s no way that I can reflect how deeply this film touched and inspired me in just a few short words. I was one of those women in the audience who were continually weeping and giggling throughout the movie, not only because of the amazing stories of these courageous artists, but also because in some strange way, I felt heard… as an artist, as a mom, I felt recognized and honored. For that, I will be forever grateful.

    I struggle every day with my roles as an artist and a mom… I have a tiny studio in my basement after trying the public studio scene last year, and I still haven’t found the balance that I feel like I need to really succeed in both arenas of my life. Who knows if I ever will! But after seeing your film, I was reminded of the grace in sacrifice, the beauty in courage, and that undeniable urgency in creating.

    I would love to connect with others who have the same struggles, and I’m thinking of beginning a women’s group of momma-artists… if anyone is interested in joining me in this effort, I’d love to hear from you!

    with love and wishes for your continued success….

    Lisa Rough

  4. I was honored to attend the screening last night in Asheville. This is an amazing film. It shed light on some dark realities and statistics that I was completely unaware of. All the women on screen and behind the scenes are extremely inspiring.

    This film encouraged me to keep moving towards my dream of healing with movement, music and sound, working with young kids to encourage their natural creativity as well as with tween girls in nurturing a positive body image. I recently left my full time career as a commercial artist – a profession I chose to please my father. Sitting behind the computer day after day promoting services and products I did not believe in was literally sucking the life force out of me. Of course there’s always the internal and external critics voice “…are you crazy? With the way the economy is?”

    I plan to relocate to Roswell GA were I will have a strong community of women supporting my dreams. The film reminded me that although it’s not always going to be easy, it’s absolutely essential that I live my dreams. When I am fully resonating with what I’m doing the passion and love will shine through and attract those vibrating at the same frequency, thus contributing a beautiful and unique gift to society and the world that only I can offer.

    I hope women will continue to unite and support each other. This is absolutely vital. Because of the film, and now the knowledge of these artists, I intend to support these ladies living their dreams however I can. Ladies, let’s continue to stand strong together and continue expanding our knowledge about each others contributions. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE FILM AND THE SITE!!!

  5. Ms. Sam Mac Arthur Says:

    I saw the premiere showing in Asheville,N.C. last night. I have never seen a film that so feed me and impacted me at the core of my being. The group of Women that I went with were also impacted deeply. What a tramendous gift you have given us to awaken our creative soul out of a deep slumber long denied. i am graeful. I plan on purchaseing the DVD when it comes out and host tea parties to all my women friends and there friends . Hell we will start a movement. You inspire me to continueon with my dream. Thank You.
    Sam Mac Arthur
    N.C. Healer

  6. FANTASTIC turnout for Asheville showing last night! Congrats on sending out the rallying cry; happy to assist in promotions.

    To witness MY STORY in this format was/is affirming beyond words. Beyond ‘who does she think shes is,’ I wanted to holler ‘finally somebody gets it!” There is SO MUCH MORE TO SAY; count me in on the conversation and count me in for promoting more via Women On Air on WETSfm sundays 9 – 11 pm (available via audiostream)

    Carry on ya’ll. Don’t ever stop telling this story.

    And be sure to take a look at social security; I have 10+ years of $0
    while I was home doing the ‘most important job in the world’ and doing art volunteer status.
    Thank you Thank you


    Take a look at your strong, gorgeous selves at the screening last week. Photos were taken by Cindy Lewis, Pam’s sister and you’re our new favorite town!

    Join facebook to see the images and become a fan of the film!

  8. It was such a gift to see this film! Thank you Pamela Boll for all of the time you spent gathering the people, the stories and the art.

    The weaving of “herstory,” professional obstacles, imagery and poignant life experiences made this documentary an authentic and powerful rendering of what it means to be a woman artist–and tend to children, spouse, home, community.

    Thank you to the women who bravely and intimately shared their journeys. You gave me a tangible sense of heritage as a woman living an artist life.

    This is absolutely a must-see film and I look forward to owning the DVD, when it becomes available.

    With gratitude and applause,
    Michelle Sumares
    Asheville, NC

  9. Gayle Ray Says:

    I so wish I had seen this film. I’m hoping it will be shown again in Asheville.

  10. An artist friend of mine who lives in Asheville sent me the link to view the film’s intro. I would love to see the whole thing. Will it be coming to Santa Cruz anytime soon? Do you need some help to make that happen?
    I wish you much success!

  11. When I saw this film I was vacillating about continuing on an artistic path or considering a couple of traditional 9-5 job opportunities that had come to my attention. The inspirational stories of the women featured convinced me to redidicate myself to my true work. It was such a powerful experience, I went home immediately and journalled lines from the artists and their mentors that I want to refer to often. I believe the film should be shown in all high school art classes – maybe a shorter version in all middle school art classes. Kudos for the content and quality of the production.

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