‘Only Men are Capable of Aesthetic Greatness’

Check out this infuriating blog up at feministing about British art critic Brian Sewell who said the following, without irony:

The art market is not sexist. . . The likes of Bridget Riley and Louise Bourgeois are of the second and third rank. There has never been a first-rank woman artist. Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness.

Wow. It’s hard to even describe how horrific this is, although strangely, it’s almost refreshing that someone so renowned admitted his sexism out loud in such a public forum. No one can ignore it.

Even more interesting, with regards to our film, is Sewell’s next comment:

Women make up 50 per cent or more of classes at art school. Yet they fade away in their late 20s or 30s. Maybe it’s something to do with bearing children.


3 Responses to “‘Only Men are Capable of Aesthetic Greatness’”

  1. pamela tanner boll Says:


    Well, I personally would rather have this kind of comment out in the open. Let’s actually see if we can find more of these!!

    we know this sentiment is often FELT even if it is NOT spoken.

    And it gives our film a justification….


  2. What a joke! Maybe such men feel totally inadequate and have to prove their “creativity” through art because they cannot create what woman can — a life, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
    Egos blind a man.

  3. This comment will go down in history as one of the most unintelligent statements made about women artists. The only reason that women aren’t categorized as first rate artists today, is because the patriarchal society refuses to see the true creative value of what women have to offer. If one takes only a brief look at our global situation today, one can see where this one sided comment has de-evolved from.

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