The Neverending Work/Life Balance Debate

Astri I wanted to share a recent blog about the film by The Lattice Group. Astri and Vetta, the two young women who founded this hip discussion of work and family issues (from a twenty something and international perspective) wrote about our film in response to an article by Lisa Belkin in this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine on who takes care of the children in America. Here’s an excerpt of their post:

Who Does She Think She Is takes an in-depth look at what it really means to be an artist and a mother. Big deal, right? Wrong. What we learn when watching the film is that female artists who have family responsibilities have a really hard time. The difficulties come at them from all directions. Penetrating the art world as a woman is tricky enough, doing so as a mother as well is ten times as tough. The stigma against mothers that prevails throughout the working world (“they’ll take time off,” “they’ll be unreliable,” “they’ll always have other priorities …”) seems exceptionally strong when it comes to art. But the greatest challenge that these women face is much closer to home. It is the expectation that taking care of house and home, and the kids inhabiting that home, is primarily a woman’s responsibility.

It is a funny and very thoughtful response to the issues raised in the film I particularly liked Astri talking about her blog Partner, Lizavetta who had a real dislike of “feminism” which made her reluctant to even watch our film. Once she watched, she felt captivated by these women’s stories…

Thanks Astri and Vetta! Read the whole post here.


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