A Gathering of Women

As you can see, the women in the film are no fun!Check out this great summary of a living room screening hosted by one of our favorite women, Laura Azevedo. Laura has a background in public television and great mothering, and as her note proves, it doesn’t take an artist’s identity to make the film worthwhile!

I did finally have friends over for a screening last Thursday night and it was a blast!  I am so proud to have my name (even in a small way) on this film!

The collection of women that were there was a somewhat diverse group in that : one is an engineer (not married) and could REALLY relate to the inequality in her industry surrounding women vs. men representation. Honestly, I kept looking at her and thought she was going to snap her neck from nodding in agreement with a lot of what was said.

Two are stay-at-home moms and said that they were contantly struggling with their inner-selves, feeling torn between being home vs. being at work.

Another women is (at the moment) married and has chosen to take a position in her career that has her in a management position (very important to her), but spending a lot more time away from home, traveling, etc. and her marriage has definitely taken a toll (she thinks) in large part because of that.

All this is to say that although these women are not “artists,” they really appreciated not only the message about the importance of women artists and the need to have their voices represented, but also, the more day-to-day parallels that can be drawn with women everywhere.

I created a little questionnaire that we reviewed at the end of the film and the first question was whether or not they would recommend this to a friend.  They all said, “Absolutely!”

Another thing of note was that they all LOVED Maya!  It’s amazing to me how much my own perception of her has changed throughout the life of this film. You and Nancy have put (in my opinion) a totally different spin on her as was in previous versions and I love it.  Also, we all thought it was great that the strongest, coolest “men: in the film happened to be 10 and 12yrs. old (her sons!).

Also, we all decided that we want to commission Camille to paint something for us!

I can’t wait to see what happens with this film…it’s going to be great!


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