Notes from the Cape

Last week, I was a part of an extraordinary gathering of women associated with our film, Who Does She Think She Is?  I had invited each of theAll of us scrunched in discussing! women featured in the film—Janis Wunderlich, Courtney Martin, Angela Williams, Mayumi Oda,  Maye Torres, Camille Musser, Layne Redmond as well as Edie Vonnegut and Barbara Poole whose wonderful paintings form part of the commentary.  Mayumi and Layne, being respectively in Hawaii and Brazil were not able to come; Barbara Poole had an unbreakable work commitment—but amazingly, the others could come.  It was a real tribute to the film that they made time out of their busy schedules to gather.

I also wanted to include some of the women who had worked so hard to make the film.  Out of that group, Michelle Chang, our Assistant Editor and Associate Producer, Valerie Veatch, our web designer;  Paula Kirk, my Assistant from Winchester; Kerthy Fix, our Consulting Producer; my sister, Chris German, from Kansas City who had done research during the project;  and my sister, Cindy Lewis, from Columbus Ohio who had photographed the entire shoot over the last three years. also made the trip to the Cape.  A couple of weeks before the event, Maye wrote to say her mother would love to come and I thought, “why not?” and so asked each of the other women if they too would like to invite their mothers!  Shirley Mars, Janis Wunderlich’s mother, from Northern Ohio came as well as Cecilia Torres, Maye’s mother.

The event was amazing—none of the other women featured in the film had met each other.  None had seen the film except Janis and Shirley—who were able to see it at the Ohio Independent Film Festival in Cleveland last month.  I was a little anxious about bringing the group together and also about their responses to the film.   But, the weekend was fluid—the conversations flowed as we walked, as we prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Everyone contributed.  There was a sense of  ease and engagement. I loved the multigenerational aspect—the women ranged in age from mid-twenties to early seventies.

Friday afternoon, several of us took on the task of setting up a “screening room.”  My sister, Chris German nailed towels over the windows.  Camille, Cecilia and I moved furniture.  Everyone had advice.  We managed to fit all 15 of us into a room usually big enough for no more than eight or nine.  After the screening, we spent hours discussing the content and also how to get the word out about the film. More to come on that…


One Response to “Notes from the Cape”

  1. I would like to say that this weekend with everyone was a remarkable and unforgettable time for me. I loved the whole long weekend. The energy from everyone was great! Thanks everyone for coming and making it wonderful. – Cindy

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