From the Artists’ Mouths

When we were up at the Cape this weekend we took some time out to reflect on some key questions concerning the film. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting some of the answers. For our first question, we asked the artists (and some of their mothers and sisters): What most surprised you about your reaction to the film?

Here are some of their reactions:

“I was most surprised at the amazing commentators, and how they took what I was doing in my little Midwest studio and related it to the world and history. I was also surprised to see how my story, which seems so NOT screenworthy, was very much enjoyable to watch as a spectator…It helped me to realize that what I do everyday is extremely important!” –Janis

“I was surprised that it would make me feel sad at first, and then so very impressed with the incredible courage such women showed and how very talented they are.” –Cecilia (Maye’s mom)

“I was surprised by my deep, emotional response.” –Cindy (Director/Producer Pam’s younger sister)

“I was most surprised by the fact that I thought I had made a choice–a stand for freedom and independence–by not having children. The film revealed how I had only chosen one side of a forced choice. The choice between things not a wholistic life.” –Kerthy (consulting producer)

“I was surprised by how few women artists there are in museums.” –Chris (Pam’s older sister)

“For me, it was a bit somber. But I loved the music. It suited the film and made it uplifting. It made me think of the sorry plight of women, all the hurdles and energy they need to succeed in a career in the arts.” –Camille

“I was surprised by the disparity between men and women artists and the sad cultural condition that it still persists.” –Shirley (Janis’ mom)

“I was most surprised by my reaction to the film. It made me laugh, cry, get angry, happy inspired, humbled, and excited. MANY emotions to juggle within 1.5 hours. Mostly it made me sad to see the struggle and lack of support for women’s artistic efforts.” –Maye


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