Art in Film, Film as Art

I’ve been so touched by people who have written us about their individual responses to the film, especially when it’s clear they’ve been moved by it on an emotional level. The film certainly has a lot of issues to grapple with and discuss, but from what I’m hearing, there is often a response to the film that is quite visceral and intense. When I think about it, this is something like what the experience of a work of art can feel like when it really moves you. And this made me remember how much art is featured in this film! I can’t even count, but there’s probably nearly 100 visual works of art in the film, both from the women in the film and from other current and historical women artists. And so much of the art is personal, passionate and even painful. So it makes total sense that the sensory impact of the film can be like that of the first impression of art: intangible, emotional, moving on a gut level. And of course, film itself is also a form of art.

I wanted to share this response to the film, which inspired this post, from Elizabeth Borghesani, who is the President of “In Anne’s Spirit,” The Anne E. Borghesani Community Foundation, which works towards violence prevention:

It was mesmerizing, heart-wrenching, captivating, and just plain beautiful. Felt as if I couldn’t take it all in, in just one viewing, and want to see it again. Also, some of the artwork really needed to be seen again to appreciate fully. What an incredible group of women. And yet their struggles could be applied to so many situations we all face in balancing our lives – universal woman….

– Elizabeth Borghesani

Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her thoughts. I so appreciate these replies that come from the heart. It’s great to know that the stories of the women resonate, that the stories that their art tell have an equal power to move, and that through film these elements can work together and engage in unexpected ways.


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