Ohio Film Festival Screening of WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

Remember the other day when I wrote that I was worried that no one would go to see the film at the Ohio Film Festival this past Wednesday, May 7? Well, it turned out that I had nothing to worry about.

Janis Wunderlich (who is featured in the film), her husband Philip, and many in Janis’s family attended the opening. In fact, Janis’s parents rented a bus to bring thirty five of their friends to Cleveland to see the film! Janis’s parents took the time to send me a wonderful email with their reaction to the evening. Here’s it is in full:

08 May 2008

Dear Pam,

After viewing “Who Does She Think She Is?” we feel compelled to write to thank you for such a brilliant and thought-provoking film. You would have enjoyed the dialogue after the showing and the conversations on the one hour bus ride home. Without fail, the thirty-five people in our group made very positive comments about how they were moved by the messages in your film. It was obvious that the film spoke to each person who attended in a very personal and intimate way.

Our high school art teacher, along with one of her students, attended with us. They both noted that the hair on their arms literally stood up during the entire film. They were impressed with how inspiring and empowering the film was. The art teacher was so moved that she wanted to know how she could access the film for all of her students to see, and felt that it should be seen on every college campus as well. Another friend shared that she cried through the entire movie. Some of the young married women wished that their husbands had come to see the film. Many felt that it was a life-changing experience.

Our enthusiasm for your film goes way beyond the fact that our precious daughter, whom we are extremely proud of, is featured in it. We were amazed to realize the vast disparity between male and female artists. It is a sad reflection on our culture. We felt that there were universal themes in your film – about womanhood, motherhood, beauty, courage, diversity, finding the goddess within, and pursuing our deepest dreams – that speak to all women. We loved Mayumi’s observation that “Life is art.”

“Who Does She Think She Is?” is an amazing piece of art! The music throughout the film was powerful in capturing our emotions. We loved the way you wove the stories of the women artists with each other and with noted experts. We came away with a keen awareness of the joy and the pain of each woman, and were touched by their courage in pursuing their dreams. We feel a very personal connection with each one of them.

Thank you for such a brilliant film! It has the potential to change the world – one person at a time!

Kindest Regards,

Bill and Shirley Mars

I could not be more touched. Thank you to Bill and Shirley Mars and all of Janis’ family for their engagement in this journey. I am moved to see that you are as inspired by Janis as I am.


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