The Oh So Important Festival Circuit

Tonight, the film is showing at the Ohio Independent Film Festival in Cleveland. I am nervous. Wonder if no one goes to see it? I have some friends in the area who say they are going. I will be anxious to see how this screening goes!

We had thought that the film would be launched at one of the more well known festivals. Ah, the Sundance dream–get your film into Sundance and all would be well! Four years ago, I happened to co-executive produce a documentary that did make it to Sundance–then went on to win awards around the world, called Born into Brothels. So, the Sundance dream didn’t seem all that outrageous.

Alas, Sundance did not take Who Does She Think She Is?. Neither did Tribeca, nor Hot Docs, nor several others. Yet, I have had about ten screenings–in small gatherings across the country (in West Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, New Mexico, Massachusetts)–and in larger venues—(Middlebury College, in Vermont, the Monterey Institute for International Studies in California)—and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

People seem to love it. Both men and women want to stay and talk about the film. They want to talk about their own lives–how to balance their necessary work with spending time with their families; they want to talk about why women’s work still is not in the galleries and museums to the same degree as men’s and what that means. They want to talk about women and the sacrifices they have typically made to do work that they care about. They want to talk about the value of art making in a digital culture. What gives our life meaning?

So, what gives? Why is the film–so far–ignored by the festival world, yet so appreciated elsewhere?

If any of you who have seen the film have any ideas, share them!


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